First impressions of Xela and work with Quetzaltrekkers

Quetzaltenango. The myth. Nobody seems to have been there. Nobody seems to plan on going there. Normally I´m overstocked with information and tips about cities on my trip. Not this time. I latterly had no expectation before coming here. And it not only would be a normal stop on the way. Not only a usual 2 to 4 days stop. It should more be something like home. One whole month… potential more.

While my ride from the lake to the city on the back of a pic-up-truck I had plenty of time to picture everything. I only had the facts. Second biggest city in Guatemala. 200.000 people. Loads of volcanos around. To be honest I was struggling if it was the right decision to go here and jump blind into a month-long commitment. But Xela and the wonderful people of Quetzaltrekkers smashed those struggles in less than a day. I will now be in a magical colorful city full of great architecture, markets and people. I will hike the highest volcanos in Guatemala and wander to hidden indigenous villages.

My first days here rushed by and it’s about time to update you. I just came back from my first trek on which I was shooting for a promotional Video. 3 days of trekking through the wonderful Guatemalan backcountry. Leaving Xela and actually walk all the way to Lake Atitlan. Hike through farmland, climb up the cloud forest, Cross rivers and stay at local families. You start as a bunch of people who don`t know each other and arrive at one of most beautiful spots in Guatemala to see an incredible Sunrise including erupting volcanos in the background. And all those strangers became friends on the way.  Check out my favorite pictures. Or even better, come visit me 😉

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