Mexico with Friends

Again I have to say sorry for not writing in a long while. Much has happened since the last time and I want to give you a short recap. Not only have I aged again and am proudly 28 now, also we have a new year full of new opportunities. The good news is, there are already plans made for the following months. But let’s speak about the last months.

After I left Guatemala way to early I got back to Mexico and its tequila. But to my defense I have to say that tequila was not the reason I went there. It was close to Christmas and Christmas is Family time!! Brother and Sister visiting! Yeawhaaa. But before Cancun gave me an incredible birthday party including a gratis hangover. Well not completely for free. At the cost of my cap and a few hours of memory… but hey, you only turn 28 once! So it was very welcome to flee the party district for Christmas on to paradise island Isla mujeres.  Float in the sea with a fresh coconut. Refreshing.

Even better. Three good friends from Germany came to join us on our 2 weeks of travel. Next stop Playa del Carmen…. Some more beaches, cenotes and party!  2 days we spent in this crazy beach town of Mexico and had heaps of fun again surprisingly cheap. Only causality: My phone… but hey 😉

Fleeing the party district with the promise to come back for new years we head to Bacalar on the bay of 7 colors. Time to relax, swim and getting a tan. Dipping into the fresh water of the Laguna followed by dinner in nice little restaurants and crowned by card games and beer rooftop. It were a truly memorable days.

But new years party is calling so we take of early on the 31st. Visiting the ruins in Tulum followed by excessive sunbathing on the beach with the thought of people freezing at home left us all ready for a good new years party in playa del Carmen. Energized we arrive just to find out that our reservation was useless. Thanks for over booking the hostel 😉 But hey, we got organized a private dorm in a different hostel. Neat.

So we drifted into the 2016 smoothly and rounded of the last few days in Mexico with more temples, cenotes and parties. It was a real welcome difference to travel alone. Sure you have your ultimate benefits while traveling alone, but having people around you who you know all your life is a different level of satisfaction. I could tell you stories about our together travels for a few hours but would rather let you enjoy some pictures.

For now I´m alone again. And super surprise. I`ll be going back to Guatemala. To be honest I didn’t see that coming, but it`s time to get that level of Spanish a bit higher. So I´m going to meet with one of my favorite Danish persons again to do some classes. What comes afterwards? Very good question. The moment I figure out I gonna let you know 😉

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