When you find a typical German dish far from home

While traveling one of my favorite things to do is try all the different foods from all around the world. No matter if it is homemade by your local friend, cooked in a pricey restaurant or prepared right on the street, it normally never fails to impress me. Tastes and spices are different everywhere. It`s the thing that unites all nations. But from time to time you feel like having a little bit of home on your plate.


The coast of Punta del Diablo

So this story takes place in Uruguay.  Uruguay is a country of delicious Steaks and endless BBQ`s and since it also is one of the most favorite spots of Brazilians to go, I just had 3 days with plenty of amazing meat. So while sitting in a Bar and having my well deserved afternoon beer after a long day hiking along the endless beaches of Punta del Diablo, a small city very close to
the border of Brasil, I see two people setting up a BBQ with a massive German flag next to it. I can`t help but smile. Up on a cliff, in the last sunlight of the day, it looks like a nice spot to enjoy the sunset and see who these crazy Germans are who are proud enough to put out the German flag around so many Brazilians who seem to not be over a certain football match yet.

It turns out that they are not German, but Uruguayan and it is not a BBQ but a mobile homemade Currywurstwagon. Yeah you heard right! Currywurst 11.000 Kilometers away from Germany. For the not Germans here, Currywurst is a German Sausage with a special sauce prepared from Ketchup, Tomatoes, Paprika and a lot of Curry, served with French fries. The probably most typical German street food. So I end up, sitting and chatting, with probably the most delicious Currywurst I had in my life, on a Beach in Uruguay. Thank you Mauricio! Who would have thought that? Did you ever encounter any traditional food from your home on the Road?

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